From CDM-123 (Sight and Soundtrack)
For this assignment, each individual from the class pitched an idea. From there, we picked groups and several ideas were chosen. Those groups produced a soundtrack of what the film should be like interpreted from paper. Another group picked up the soundtrack and produces the final image. This was what my group ended up with.
Credits coming soon...
From CDM-123 (Sight and Soundtrack)
Final examination for the class. Each of us were to produce our own film and perform the soundtrack live in a foley studio. Here is the final edit with all sounds included. 
A man (Dane) carries around a recorder for a day in order to produce an apologetic voicemail for his ex-girlfriend. 
Aden and Nat stole someone's phone and that someone is a murderer. 
An experimental short showcasing gentrification within Contra Costa County. 
A place I still consider home but continually dissolves in the name of progress.

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