This project is an extension to a research paper written in Winter 2019. The paper theorized an inevitable future of which cinema is micro-personalized to the individual. This project was produced in order to provide a tangible cultural object; meant to not only expand on theoretical discussion but to also experiment with. This is really the beginning of an ever-expanding project. 

The film follows Aden, a young boy living the Bay Area trying to make ends meet. In order to stay afloat, he and his friend Nat pickpocket phones from BART commuters. One day, they accidentally steal the phone of a tech executive -- who is also a serial killer. 

Jason Eng as Aden  // Jacob Skolnick as Robert Ains  // Dante Comstock as Nat
Ami Bui as Charlie // Karine Chung as Mom  //  Brian Cohen as Pop
Joseph Chan as Gerald  // Mackallen Peredo as Assistant
Alex Mcintosh as Board Member #1  // Shaneel Chand as Board Member #2
TS Normandy as Board Member #3 // Dylan Powell as Officer #1
Miranda Lenore as Officer #2  // Brian Jeong as Protester #1
Jacob Lacuesta as Protester #2
Arben Cortes as Production Manager and Editor
Professor Timothy Lenoir  // Professor Branwen Okpako  // Professor Patrick LeMieux  // Professor Joshua McCoy 
UC Davis Department of Cinema and Digital Media  // UC Davis Office of the Provost  // UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center
Bay Area Rapid Transit  // Tugboat Fish and Chips (Pleasant Hill, CA)

Project Blind Eye v1.1
Made with love at the University of California, Davis